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Auto Glass Tip | Eliminate Betaprime 5504G Primer Waste


Auto Glass Installation Tip

Is your Dow Automotive Systems Primer hardening up in the bottle before you can use it? Dow's Betaprime 5504G has the fastest dry time on the market but you should be able to utilize every drop if you follow these rules.


  1. Mark the Dow Primer bottle with the opened date.(It is good for 14 days after that date.)

  2. Reseal the inner and outer cap after every use.

  3. Never double dip a dauber.

  4. Always work out of the same bottle until it is gone.

Click here to print the
 Dow 10 Point Installation Instructions

Auto Glass Installation Demonstration

Jeff Martineau

Dow Automotive Systems 

Field Sales Representative-Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States

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