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 What You Don't Know About Auto Glass Priming May Hurt You


In preparation for a recent sales call, I did a quick search on the Facebook Auto Glass Tech Talk page on my prospects name to learn a little more about him and the problems that keep him up at night. 

I discovered that a few months earlier, he had trouble with his current urethane system. He reached out to the group to better understand the issue. Ultimately, he couldn't identify the cause of a rash of windshield failures.  

Uncovering Priming Processes that Lead to Windshield Failure

During my visit, the the experienced Owner explained in more detail about the windshield adhesive failures that had worried him.  He shared that he contacted the manufacturer but was unable to identify the root cause. 

I talked with the Techs about their priming system.  They were all aware how every link in the installation chain is important. They all understood that priming is critical.

We discussed priming the various parts they run into everyday:

  • Ceramic Coated Frit Windshields
  • Inner Frit Windshields
  • Encapsulated Parts
  • Back Sliders

The conversation was productive but uncomfortable

One Tech looking at the other, searching through manuals, bulletins, data sheets, then sheepishly confessing they didn't understand the myriad of primer dry times, surface preps, shaking, cleaning, activating, and priming that was suggested by the manufacturer.

Betaprime| A Simple Auto Glass Priming System

Things got easier for everyone after that. 

We revealed that all priming systems are not created equal.  As a matter of fact, you will find huge variation regarding the simplicity and speed of auto glass primers. 

Take a look at this chart by Dow Automotive Systems.  Is your system this simple?  Can we help you too?

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 11.53.44 AM.png

Betaprime 5504G All in one primer process

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