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10 Reasons Auto Glass Pros Switch to DuPont Auto Glass Adhesive


Auto Glass Professionals are a loyal bunch.  They're passionate about the products, businesses, and sales reps they love. #DoworDie 

In the right relationship, loyalty to an Auto Glass Adhesive system is rewarded with customers that are safe, technicians that are productive, and ultimately more profits. 

In a bad relationship, business owners are made to put up with a range of problems from unsafe installations to profit killing comebacks.  

Sometimes, the problems become big enough and they demand a solution. Here's a list of 10 reasons you might need a change.

10 Reasons Auto Glass Business Owners, Managers, and Technicians switch to DuPont Transportation and Industrial (formerly Dow):

Are you?

  1. Frustrated by tight margins and refuse to do a job twice.    
  2. Tired of constantly changing installation procedures that kill productivity of your best techs and lead others to cut corners.
  3. Challenged to eliminate customer complaints and increase customer satisfaction. 
  4. Angered by adhesive technology that leads to partially used cartridges filling up the dumpster.
  5. Desperately seeking a competitive advantage by reducing time required to onboard new technicians. 
  6. Struggling to keep up with OE Automotive technology trends. 
  7. Challenged to start a new business with minimal resources. 
  8. Worried about making a mistake that could cost you your livelihood. 
  9. Committed to nationwide growth and looking for a partner with a national distribution network.
  10. Annoyed by Goldilocks urethane- Too thin in the Summer, Too thick in the Winter. 

Now What?

If you found yourself nodding your head thinking, yeah that's me, it may be time to talk about Betaseal Adhesives.  

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