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5 Traits that Separate Real Urethane Windshield Adhesive from Wannabes



Auto glass installation professionals are faced with decisions that effect the safety of their customers everyday.  The selection of a windshield adhesive supplier is one of the critical decisions that successful installation professionals take seriously.  

Our "6 Traits List" was gathered from the collective wisdom of Auto Glass Repair and Replacement (AGRR) professionals that care deeply about auto glass installation safety.


5 Traits that Separate Real Urethane Windshield Adhesive from Wannabes-


1) Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Expertise-

Top Auto Glass Installation Pros look for OEM expertise in order to stay on top of vehicle manufacturing trends.  Automobile design is undergoing massive change due to increases in Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards.  

OEM's are lightweighting vehicles to improve fuel efficiency and meet the CAFE standard of 54.5MPG by 2025.  Lightweighting of vehicles means auto glass Installers are bonding their auto glass adhesive to more aluminum and carbon fiber.  


AGRR Pros need windshield adhesive suppliers with OEM expertise to ensure their windshield urethane and priming system is compatible with these surfaces.

2) Long Term Durability- 

Savvy AGRR Pro's look for an oem approved auto glass adhesive with a combination of fast safe drive away time and long term durability.   They understand that fast drive away times are important for a very short window of time.  Failure to provide long term durability can lead to an unsafe auto glass installation for years. The best realize that customers are now holding onto cars for over 11 years on average.  

OEM auto glass urethane suppliers are required to meet long term durability standards.  Taking shortcuts on long term durability can lead to a breakdown of the system and an installation failure

3) Auto Glass Installation Technician Training- 

There is a huge difference in the various training programs provided by adhesive suppliers.  AGRR Pros tell me that some are no better than a rubber stamp:  "Are you breathing? Yes. Ok, you are certified!"  

Veteran installation technicians are looking for auto glass installation training programs that have been registered by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) since they must meet minimum standards.  

Many are also looking for Auto Glass Technician Training provided by windshield adhesive suppliers with OEM expertise because they can provide Technicians with the latest OEM approved urethane procedures.

4) Technical Department /Lab Testing-  

Expert windshield installation professionals also understand the importance of an experienced technical department.  The best are supported by millions of dollars of lab equipment, experienced technical and research and development personnel, and they have long term relationships with auto makers.

Many auto glass urethane suppliers depend on overseas laboratories for testing and foreign standards for urethane adhesive may be different.  

5) Professional Field Support- 

Well qualified AGRR pros depend on close relationships with their local field representative.   Experienced field personnel share best practices for safe installation, solve problems, and support the growth of their business.  Many are viewed as an extension of the Auto Glass Team.




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