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5 Ways DuPont Auto Glass Adhesive is Different than the Competition


Are you heading to Auto Glass Week 2019 in Indianapolis? All my different friends will be there.  

I'm not making fun of them.  They're different and I love it.  That's what makes them special, that's what makes them successful.  

My different friends and I gather at Auto Glass Week every year.  Most of the time, we arrive beat-up, busy, and frustrated. We use Auto Glass Week for renewal. We learn, laugh, and celebrate being different.

Whether you are a DuPont Betaseal (Formerly Dow) Adhesive user or not, I'd love to talk with you about being different.  Please come by the DuPont booth, stop in to the bar, or just say hello.  The opportunity to make ourselves, our businesses, and our industry better is out there.  

Let's be different together.

DuPont Transportation and Industrial is the world’s largest and most successful automotive adhesive supplier because we’re very different from what you will find in the marketplace. 

Auto Glass Professionals come to Betaseal to solve challenging Auto Glass Business issues.  Here's 5 ways being different can help your business:

1) Simplest System: Super simple approach to auto glass installation through engineered chemistry. The industry leader for simple products and simple procedures.  You will never be surprised by the fine print.  Sometimes the best product is the one that you forget is there. 

2) Consistency of Message- Simple Betaseal products and a straightforward message.  Delivered by Factory Trained Sales Representatives. From California to New York and everywhere in between our representatives are preaching from the same hymnal.

3) OEM Expertise- Over 70% of North American OEM's choose DuPont’s adhesive technology first.  More than all ARG competitors combined. We understand tomorrow’s after market challenges- CAFE Standards, ADAS, and Long term durability. GM to Tesla.

4) Technical Support- US based TS&D capabilities.  OEM Labs based in the US, dedicated to your success.

5) Experienced Sales Representative- Our seasoned DuPont Reps average 15+ years in the marketplace.  Understand your business. Without question the best in the business.  Partner, we roll up our sleeves and get dirty.   Outside perspective based on years of working with the BEST in Auto Glass Retail.

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Bonus four:

Technician Training Platform.  Speed and simplicity of training is followed up by consistent support through continuing education.  As the business changes your techs are able to adapt with our help.  Set the standard in 1990 with most comprehensive. Since then, we haven’t stopped innovating.  20,000+ techs later we continue to innovate with our combination of face to face and on-line training. 

National Distribution Network- PGW, Mygrant, and Pilkington- Most products sold. No one has deeper relationships with a wider network with more products.  Existing products to new product introductions.  

Complete Kit: Betaseal Urethane, Betaprime 5504G Primer, GC 800 Glass Cleaner, Daubers, Hang Tags, Universal Lot Number. 

Experience- 40 years glass bonding.  Pioneer of Primerless to glass.  Most crash tested adhesive in the world. Over 1 Billion windshields bonded worldwide.

Still not convinced?  Maybe it's time to talk.

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