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6 Steps to Support Auto Glass & the Auto Glass Safety Council

perry-grone-732606-unsplashAre you interested in giving back to the Auto Glass Industry?  Consider joining the Auto Glass Safety Council and impact the next generation of Auto Glass Professionals.

Here's my simple steps toward getting involved and giving back:

1) Learn the benefits of becoming a Auto Glass Safety Council registered member.

The AGSC is working on items touching Consumers, the Insurance Community, and its Members and Technicians.  Critical topics like:

  1. Engaging and educating the insurance community
  2. Adas education and best practices
  3. Differentiating your professional auto glass business
  4. Technician Training and best practices
  5. Legislation

Upcoming events:

2) Become an Auto Glass Safety Council member.

Registered Member
Associate Member

3) Learn and work the AGRSS standard in your business.

Many early members viewed AGSC membership as the golden ticket.  Become a member and jobs will start rolling in.  Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a free lunch.  

Successful AGSC members utilize the Marketing Tools provided by AGSC like brochures, Newsletters, and press releases as part of a comprehensive sales and marketing action plan. 

They are also clear that differentiating their business is only ONE benefit of membership. 


4) Attend/observe the AGSC Annual Members Meeting

Auto Glass Week 2020 Orlando Florida


5) Communicate with Committee Members and Officers.

Discuss what is working and what is not.  Provide valuable input regarding what your business needs to be safe and successful. 

AGCS Officers List

AGSC Committee List

6) Express your interest in volunteering/helping.

Clarity Sales Associates Associate AGSC Member


Topics: Auto Glass Safety Council Training Continuing Education(CE) for Insurance Auto Glass Technician Training