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6 Reasons You Gotta Stop Using Auto Glass Adhesive Cartridges





If you haven't considered converting your Auto Glass Urethane System over to sausage pack adhesive you owe it to yourself to take a look.  

In the last 5 years many of the problems associated with first generation Sausage Pack Urethane were eliminated and many of the benefits enhanced.

It is estimated that conversion to Sausage Pack Auto Glass Urethane can save as much as $2,300 per year per technician. 


6 Reasons You Gotta Stop Using Auto Glass Adhesive Cartridges (And Start Using Sausage Packs)


#1 Cordless Auto Glass Gun Improvements-  

Meritool Cordless Gun

Cordless Adhesive Guns have come a long way.  The latest generation of tools by Meritool have more power and come standard with helpful items like a Clear Barrel and Scavenger Plunger.  These upgrades have eliminated many of the annoying issues associated with Sausage Pack Auto Glass Adhesive.

#2 Cheap Sausage Pack Conversion Kits- 

You have several choices if you are looking to convert to Sausage Pack Urethane. You can purchase a brand new Sausage Pack Gun fitted with a clear barrel and scavenger plunger for around $295.  That's only $40 more than a brand new cartridge gun. 

A conversion kit that can be retrofitted to your existing Powerpush 5026 by Meritool is currently sold for $102.36.  Cheap money considering the benefits.


#3 Environmental Impact-

The Auto Glass Installation Industry is not known for our environmental stewardship.  But if you are like me, you try to do your part where you can.  Sausage Pack Auto Glass Adhesive Systems like Dupont Betapak produce less packaging waste and may even reduce your Waste Management bill.



#4 Windshield Installation Savings-

Nothing you do this year has the potential to impact your bottom line for as little.

A $100 investment in a Sausage Pack Conversion Kit can return $2300 in savings.  That's a whopping 2,200% Return On Investment.  

We can help you with a free assessment regarding how you can reduce your windshield installation expense with Sausage Pack Auto Glass Urethane Systems. 

Jeff Martineau Auto Glass Insider
#5 Close More Auto Glass Sales-

Lower Auto Glass Installation cost will allow you to be more competitive without compromising safety.  Your competitors are converting to Sausage Pack Windshield Adhesive Systems. Don't get left behind competing with old technology.

#6 Improve Auto Glass Technician Efficiency-

Experts say the average windshield installation requires 450ML of urethane.  Dupont Transportation and Industrial (formerly Dow) cartridges are filled with 310ML so the average installation requires a technician to swap out the empty tube for a new one every installation.  

Sausage Pack Auto Glass Adhesive Systems are 600ML so Technicians only need to swap out a new pack every other installation saving time.  


We can help you take a deeper dive into Dupont Betapak technology.  Please contact us for help.

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