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Aluminum 2015 Ford F-150 Auto Glass Bond by Betaseal Adhesive from Dow


A recent press release from Dow Automotive Systems, announced the following:

“Dow Automotive Systems has worked closely with Ford to customize an adhesive solution for the F-150 that supports their specifications for design, manufacturing and sustainability,” said Steve Henderson, president, Dow Automotive Systems. “This type of collaboration delivers great results. We can tailor materials like adhesives to meet very specific targets and support a wide range of objectives across the entire vehicle platform. The Ford F-150 is an exciting demonstration of the strength of aluminum in meeting lightweight objectives and is an impressive industry milestone.”

Click here for the press release in its entirety.  


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How to Prime the Aluminum 2015 Ford F-150 Pinchweld 

  1. Shake BETAPRIMETM 5504G All-in-One Primer for 30 seconds after mixing balls start to rattle
  1. Open the bottle carefully and insert a clean, unused dauber; to avoid spilling, never pour liquid on dauber
  1. Apply first coat of BETAPRIMETM 5504G with a clean wool dauber on any exposed bare surface
  1. Allow primer to dry for 2 minutes at 20 ̊F (-7 ̊C) and above and from 20 ̊F (-7 ̊C) down to 0 ̊F (-18 ̊C) allow primer to dry for 10 minutes
  1. Apply second coat of BETAPRIMETM 5504G with a clean wool dauber on any exposed bare surface and allow to dry
  1. Replace inner seal and cap on bottle immediately
*Information transcribed from Dow Automotive Systems 10 point Auto Glass Installation Instructions.
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