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5 Reasons to be Accredited by the Auto Glass Safety Council


If you are wondering if you should join the Auto Glass Safety Council and become an accredited Windshield Installation Company, you are not alone.

Many question what they will receive in return for their complete commitment to the ANSI standard governing safe windshield replacement.

Over the years, we have spoken with many Owners about the standard.  They have related the challenges as well as the benefits to joining.  Here are a few of the reasons they remain committed to the AGRSS Standard.


5 Reasons to Remain Accredited by the Auto Glass Safety Council

  1. Commitment to an ideal- They view the AGRSS standard as a goal to strive toward.  It may not be the "real world" but they work toward that day.
  2. Pride in our industry- The industry has provided them a living and they want to give back. 
  3. Concern for safety- Nothing is more important than the safety of their customers.  Cutting corners is not acceptable.
  4. Training tool- The AGRSS standard is written out and can be shared with all employees for training.
  5. Sales tool/Differentiator- Some of the toughest price competitors choose not to become accredited.  Many AGSC members use this fact to differentiate their business and close more sales.
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