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Five Tips for Marketing Auto Glass Installation Safety

DSC_0245Five Ways to Educate Clients on Safe Auto Glass Installation

There are several opportunities to educate Auto Glass customers on the importance of auto glass installation safety and 1 hour adhesive.  

1) Post educational content on your website, blog, and social media

2) Educate your Customer Service Reps on the investment you have made in one hour adhesive.


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But don't stop there. Once you have the client in your facility, you have an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the critical role you, your Auto Glass Technicians, and your one hour urethane play in returning their vehicle to it's original safety structure.

Dow Automotive Systems makes several other tools available to help you achieve this goal.  Tools such as:

3) Wall posters detailing your participation in OE Approved Safe Auto Glass Installation Training by Factory Personell at Dow Automotive Systems

4) Point of Purchase brochures detailing Dow Automotive Systems extensive Crash Validation procedures.

5)And as you see below, waiting room video


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