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Stop Auto Glass Moldings From Flying Away


Returning to glue down fly away moldings kills profitability.  Over the years, the best Auto Glass technicians have shared with the Auto Glass Insider the following Auto Glass Installation tips:

How to secure Auto Glass Moldings

1) Molding Preparation:

  • Clean molding if surface appears shinny with release agent or other contaminant
  • Pre-secure molding with skim of U418 (security bead)

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Sell More Auto Glass with Free Brochures from Dow Automotive Systems

Several years ago, Essex ARG abandoned its well know and respected name to adopt the name of their parent company; Dow Automotive Systems. The change was made to help Auto Glass Professionals take advantage of the world-wide brand recognition of the Dow Chemical Company. Your customers recognize the Dow Diamond and associate it with quality, stability, and innovation.

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Auto Glass Tip | Eliminate Betaprime 5504G Primer Waste


Auto Glass Installation Tip

Is your Dow Automotive Systems Primer hardening up in the bottle before you can use it? Dow's Betaprime 5504G has the fastest dry time on the market but you should be able to utilize every drop if you follow these rules.

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Clean Auto Glass Properly for Safe Installs


Glass preparation is the most important component of safe windshield installation. In some cases, traditional methods like the "wet-scrub" are not effective in removing auto glass contamination from auto glass.

The Auto Glass Insider loves this video from Dow Automotive Systems showing Betabrade F1 clean auto glass contamination.  Without clean glass, even the best auto glass adhesive may fail.

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Auto Glass Customer Satisfaction- Are you Delighting or Delusional?


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Auto Glass Customer Service Rep Training from Dow Automotive Systems

Updated July 2014

Free Auto Glass Customer Service Representative Training from Dow Automotive Systems

Leaving the quality of your customer service interaction to chance is a mistake. But few of us have time or resources to prepare these critical front-line soldiers.

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Video: Green Initiatives at Dow Automotive Systems

An interesting look at the bigger picture with Dow Automotive Systems.

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Dirty Secrets About Cold Weather Auto Glass Adhesive

Updated July 2014:

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Can a "Sustainable Strategy" work for your Auto Glass Business?

Updated July 2014:

I admire the work JN Phillips Auto Glass has done in pioneering Windshield Recycling. Unlike some "Greenwashing" efforts, this is a costly endeavor with measurable environmental impact. Without their leadership, there is little chance the cost of Windshield Recycling will ever come down and a viable marketplace for the recycled components established.

Taking on such a bold project is overwhelming. As you contemplate whether a Sustainable or Green Strategy is viable for your business

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Five Secrets to Safe Cold Weather Auto Glass Installations


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