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How to Clean Auto Glass Contamination | Betabrade F1

During my nearly 20 years in the Auto Glass Industry, disruption has been relatively uncommon. When disruption does occur it is serious.

Over 10 years ago the windshield manufacturing business experienced a dramatic disruption.  Seemingly overnight, the country of origin for the majority of windshields went from North America to Worldwide.  

With this change came several challenges. The most dramatic for AGRR Pros concerned with safety was the increase in windshield contamination.  

Fortunately, it didn't take long for Dow Automotive Systems to identify a procedure for windshield contamination removal.

Wet Scrub to the Rescue

The solution was simple.  Cut a scotchbrite pad into a 1" x 1" square, liberally apply GC 800 to the surface, scrub, wipe and clean.  Serious problem with a simple solution.

At the time, there was push back from "Old School" installers that didn't understand that our business had changed.  Eventually, most came on board as they found there was serious consequence for failing to remove contamination.

Next Generation Auto Glass Contamination Removal

Contamination remains a dynamic challenge.  Dow Automotive Systems developed Betabrade F1 to help you conquer the most difficult contamination found on Work Vehicle, RV, Truck, and Bus Windshields.  

Check out the video demonstration.


How to Help Your Technicians

At Dow Automotive Systems' auto glass technician training program, AGRR Pros are taught the BEST way to remove  glass contamination.

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