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PGW Hartford Connecticut Hosts Learning Event with Dow Urethane



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How to Make Your Trip to Auto Glass Week a Success

Once you have decided that Auto Glass Week is good for your business it's time to get busy planning your trip.  A little planning will make your time in Reno more valuable and guarantee you will get your return on investment.  Here are a few tips for making the week a success:

1. Let your vendors know you will be attending

2. Grab a stack of business cards, more than you think you need

3. Figure out the must see sessions and product demonstrations

4. Figure out who you want to meet

5. Identify Social Media hash tags for unique events #AGW2015

6. Start a conversation-don't be afraid to ask for something

7. Don't try to do too much-Give yourself some downtime to let it all sink in

8. Follow-up with your new connections


Topics: Upcoming Events Grow Your Auto Glass Business Auto Glass Safety Council Dow Automotive Systems

Six Reasons AGRR Professionals Should Attend Auto Glass Week

I have a few, nameless AGRR friends, that would rather not attend Auto Glass Week.  They are seasoned professionals and the thought of endless hours standing in a tradeshow booth makes their sciatic flare and eyes roll back in their head.

I want to shake them out of their tradeshow induced coma and yell-"get out of the booth and experience all the cool stuff".  I understand you might be a little skeptical.  So after 15 years of attending national tradeshows, here's my list of "Cool Stuff" that happens at the shows:

1. Auto Glass Technician Olympics-  

Seeing the passion for safe windshield installation is impressive. Watch these techs for five minutes and you will return home thinking about ways you can improve your auto glass technician training and up your game.  

2. New Auto Glass Tools-

You may need to find a time when the crowd goes down but if you are patient you can spend time with the brightest minds in our business. Often, the inventor of the product is in the booth and is excited to help.  There's bound to be something new.

3. Free Food or Drinks-

Finding these opportunities requires a little skill. My advice:  Stop by the booth of your favorite vendor.  Be sure it is toward the end of the day when everyone is thinking about loosening up their tie and grabbing a cocktail. Remind the vendor how much you love their product and subtly ask their advice on a good restaurant.  A little luck and you may find yourself dining with the president of the company and crushing free shrimp cocktail.

4. Auto Glass Safety Council Meetings-

Hang with me on this one.  I know it sounds a little dry but this is where you can play a big role in the future of our industry.  Learn what's going on. Even better, befriend a member of the board. These members work hard on your behalf and deserve a thank you.  Buy them a coffee or lunch and you may make a friend.

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7 Ways Your Windshield Adhesive Supplier Can Help Your AGRR Business

Many of the challenges that AGRR Pros face are universal.  Steering, reimbursement rates, finding qualified technicians, technician training, are problems we see everywhere.

It is especially gratifying when you see professionals that have found an answer to these universal challenges.  In every case it is through a combination of ingenuity and hard work.

The following list shows help for common Auto Glass Installation challenges.  Look through the list.  If you are challenged by one or more we can help.

1. Get Paid to Use Fast Cure Windshield Adhesive-

Too many Auto Glass Installers use auto glass adhesive systems with insufficient minimum drive away time.  One excuse, is low reimbursement rates.  Dow's Up-Sell program provides installers tools to explain the importance of fast cure adhesive and helps them charge an appropriate fee.

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