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PGW Auto Glass Rochester Hosts DuPont Auto Glass Adhesive Event


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Time Saving Tip for Busy Auto Glass Pros | CLIP KIT from Precision

In the auto glass market it's challenging to have all the parts needed on hand.  Every technician has had that "oh sh*t" moment when realizing that you don't have the right part.  

For mobile technicians, the problem is worse.  You may be miles from the nearest distributor and forced into a bad situation. 

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ADAS Recalibration Education Event Hosted By Auto Glass Safety Council

Advanced Driver Assist Systems(ADAS) create challenges for Auto Glass Professionals. 

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GlassBiller | Software for the Modern Auto Glass Shop

GlassBiller is a point of sale software specifically designed for auto shop owners, by auto shop owners.  Nathan Kallen, GlassBiller Director of Marketing and Sales, reached out for the opportunity to guest blog to Auto Glass business owners and technicians that come to Auto Glass Insider for the latest tips for success.  

I'm happy to branch out from Auto Glass Urethane, Tools, and moldings to offer Nathan an opportunity to guest blog about point of sale software.  Be sure to check out GlassBiller's free 30 day trial.  

About Nathan Kallen:

Nathan's an Arizona State University alumni with a bachelors in Marketing.  He's currently the Director of Marketing and Sales at GlassBiller, CEO at Kallen Media, and Web Developer at Far Superior.  He has experience working with digital marketing and WordPress web development.  Most recently he helped companies build their digital presence while optimizing their websites for the most traffic.  

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