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PGW Auto Glass Rochester Hosts DuPont Auto Glass Adhesive Event


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Time Saving Tip for Busy Auto Glass Pros | CLIP KIT from Precision

In the auto glass market it's challenging to have all the parts needed on hand.  Every technician has had that "oh sh*t" moment when realizing that you don't have the right part.  

For mobile technicians, the problem is worse.  You may be miles from the nearest distributor and forced into a bad situation. 

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ADAS Recalibration Education Event Hosted By Auto Glass Safety Council

Advanced Driver Assist Systems(ADAS) create challenges for Auto Glass Professionals. 

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Essential Guide to Auto Glass Contamination Removal & Betabrade F1

My friend Paul recently reached out to me asking if Betabrade F1 was discontinued.  He was curious since his distributor operations manager had no idea what the product was, why it was used, and didn't have any stock.

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Auto Glass Tech Olympians Using New Tool from Meritool

In the early rounds of the Auto Glass Technician Olympics at Auto Glass Week 2019, it’s clear that the olympians like the new Powerpush 9000.  My un-scientific observation was that nearly every competitor was using the new cordless dispenser by Meritool.

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10 Reasons Auto Glass Pros Switch to DuPont Auto Glass Adhesive

Auto Glass Professionals are a loyal bunch.  They're passionate about the products, businesses, and sales reps they love. #DoworDie 

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5 Ways DuPont Auto Glass Adhesive is Different than the Competition

Are you heading to Auto Glass Week 2019 in Indianapolis? All my different friends will be there.  

I'm not making fun of them.  They're different and I love it.  That's what makes them special, that's what makes them successful.  

My different friends and I gather at Auto Glass Week every year.  Most of the time, we arrive beat-up, busy, and frustrated. We use Auto Glass Week for renewal. We learn, laugh, and celebrate being different.

Whether you are a DuPont Betaseal (Formerly Dow) Adhesive user or not, I'd love to talk with you about being different.  Please come by the DuPont booth, stop in to the bar, or just say hello.  The opportunity to make ourselves, our businesses, and our industry better is out there.  

Let's be different together.

DuPont Transportation and Industrial is the world’s largest and most successful automotive adhesive supplier because we’re very different from what you will find in the marketplace. 

Auto Glass Professionals come to Betaseal to solve challenging Auto Glass Business issues.  Here's 5 ways being different can help your business:
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What's up with the name change from Dow to Dupont?

With brand loyalty that inspires supporters to ink the Dow diamond on their sleeve and represent with the mantra "Dow or Die", one questions the sanity of anyone considering a name change.


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Upcoming Event: Auto Glass Safety Council Networking Event

Attention Massachusetts Auto Glass Technicians and Business Owners.  Brian Butterworth, Manager of Auto Glass Operations for AAA Northeast is hosting an Auto Glass Safety Council networking event.

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Why the Auto Glass Safety Council is More Important Than You Think

During a recent visit to a Auto Glass Shop in Connecticut I was in a familiar conversation about the challenges in our industry.  The conversation went something like this:

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