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What is the Secret Sauce Served by Auto Glass Customer Service Pro's?


Secret Sauce?  What is it?  Why do some Customer Service Reps appear to have a magic touch with clients and others can't cut it? Is IT a....

  • A welcoming greeting
  • A great pitch
  • Informing of the importance of a safe windshield installation 
  • Asking for the sale

The Truth. There's no secret and EVERYONE can do IT.  As a consumer, you understand that IT is rarely delivered.  It is not a slick pitch or a "Unique Selling Proposition".  IT is simple:

An "Attitude of Gratitude"

Authentic Auto Glass Customer Service Pros make sure prospects know how important they are and prospects reward them.

Interested in working on the fundamentals of great Auto Glass Customer Service

Dow Automotive Systems offers customer service training for members of their Betapro partnership. 

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