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Auto Glass Tech Olympians Using New Tool from Meritool

In the early rounds of the Auto Glass Technician Olympics at Auto Glass Week 2019, it’s clear that the olympians like the new Powerpush 9000.  My un-scientific observation was that nearly every competitor was using the new cordless dispenser by Meritool.

In the early years of the Auto Glass Week competition, you would see a variety of dispensing tools-from hand-pump to Milwaukee cordless. The early cordless dispensers were heavy, under-powered, and often expensive.  Nevertheless most thought they were superior in applying an even bead and saving Techs from repetitive stress injuries.

New Powerpush 9000-12V Li-ion Cordless Dispenser

Auto Glass OlympicsWhen you look closer at the Powerpush 9000 the first thing everyone notices is that it is light. Wicked light.  According to Timm Herman, owner and chief designer at Meritool, the cartridge gun weighs 3.4lbs and the sausage pack 3.8lbs. The lightest industrial strength gun out there.

The new caulking gun comes standard with a 12V Lithium Ion battery with a sweet fuel gauge to judge where you’re at.  You could see the techs were used to the master speed control and feathering trigger even under the glaringly bright lights of the competition floor.

Important Note: The Powerpush 9000 is primarily a tool for folks in southern climates.  In the northeast, where urethane adhesive becomes cold and thick, the12V will slow and labor to extrude. If you're in the northeast and mid-atlantic, the Powerpush 5026-10 20V is a better choice.

Tim Herman and Meritool are no stranger to designing and assembling quality tools.  His Western New York facility has been in the cordless dispensing game for over 20 years.  

The Meritool folks stand behind their tools with a standard 12 month warranty and a simple $75 flat fee repair service for out of warranty repair.

20 oz sausage gun Comparison: Meritool 9000 vs Milwaukee M12

Item Meritool 9000 Milwaukee M12 Difference
Output Force (lb) 650 400 Meritool is 63% more powerful
Tool Weight (lb) 3.6 5 Milwaukee is 39% heavier
Tool Dimensions (l x w x h) 23.6 x 2.7 x 9.6 21.8 x 4.0 x 10.5 Milwaukee is 50% Bulkier
Battery Capacity (A-h) 2 1.5 Meritool has 33% higher battery capacity
Battery Fuel gauge Yes  No Easy to see the charge condition of Meritool Battery
One handed operation. Yes  No Meritool is easier to operate. M12 requires two hands to press clutch lever 
Speed Control Knob Positions 1-9 1-6 Meritool has a finer speed control
Speed control knob visible while dispensing Yes  No Confirm speed setting easily at any time.
Variable Speed Trigger Yes  Yes Same
Variable Autoreverse * Yes  No Gives better bead control to Meritool Gun
Country of Origin USA China Meritool is assembled in USA with Global materials. M12 is imported from China.
*Variable auto reverse applies an increasing amount of autoreverse starting from zero. This allows finer operating control when nudging the trigger small amounts. The M12 does not have variable autoreverse applies full autoreverse from the instant the power trigger is pulled. 


Powerpush 9000 Product Number, Pricing, and Availability

  • 9000-10 Cartridge MSRP $221.64
  • 9000- 600 600ml Sausage Pack dispenser with clear barrel MSRP $267.50
  • 9000-610 Cartridge and Sausage Pack Combo Kit MSRP $290.43

Demand for the super-light cordless gun has been high and Meritool has struggled to keep up.  Nevertheless, several distributors are carrying the product and it will soon be a stock item.

Free Demonstration from Jeff Martineau

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