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CE for Insurance Agents Continues to Drive Auto Glass Referrals

On Thursday, I spent 4 hours with one of my growing Auto Glass Partners and a roomful of eager Insurance Agents.  I do a lot of these Continuing Education (CE) events but I'm still left a little shocked.

Here's a major stakeholder in the Auto Glass Business with the ability to influence thousands of windshield installations sitting down with us for three plus hours to learn about, "The Relationship of Windshields to Safety".   Are you kidding me?  What an opportunity!

I should back up and mention that this was a huge win for my client.  Despite repeated sales calls, they weren't getting any agent referrals from this large agency.  In order to "get in the door" they offered to present the CE program at the Agency, saving them travel time.  Boom.  

This was an engaged crowd.  You see, agents are in a tough position.  They're being scrutinized for the value they bring their Insured.  They need to prove their value through higher retention rates and Insured satisfaction.  

They asked great questions.  Questions they get from their Insureds.  They're struggling to make sense of simple items like the weather's affect on installation to Advanced Driver Assist Systems and Recalibration.

After the CE was finished the Agents began peppering my client with questions about how they can do more business with them. Referrals baby.

The really cool part is we're going to measure the direct impact of CE on this agencies referrals.  They've been doing Zero.  Can't wait to share this growth story.Let's Talk

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