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Dow Automotive Systems Announces Availability of Betaprime 5504G

DSC_0344-2Announcement letter:

Dow Automotive Systems is pleased to announce the availability for purchase of our new BETAPRIMETM 5504G All-in-One Primer. BETAPRIMETM 5504G is one primer for nearly all your auto glass replacement needs - Replacing auto glass is now even simpler!

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BETAPRIMETM 5504G can be used for priming both glass and body side including all common aftermarket substrates such as auto glass, pinchweld, encapsulation and bare metal.


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The new All-in-One Primer can replace the BETAPRIME 5404A, BETAPRIMETM 5500 and BETAPRIMETM 5201 you currently use for your auto glass replacement needs.


Simplification of the installation process, saves time and money. In addition, BETAPRIMETM 5504G provides savings on material costs and optimizes inventory because you only need to buy and apply one product for the entire auto glass replacement process.

Jeff Martineau Auto Glass Insider

Furthermore it can reduce costly mistakes, such as applying the wrong primer to the substrate

Packaged in 125ml aluminum bottles BETAPRIME 5504G will be available in cases of 5 and has 25% more primer content and 25% longer open life than the BETAPRIMETM 5404A bottle. BETAPRIMETM 5504G is available for purchase March 25th, 2013.

As a valued partner, we ask that you update your internal systems to include this new offering. For further information regarding this product introduction, please contact your local Dow Automotive Sales Representative, or contact us at 1-800-453-3779.


Terry Radcliff
Global Commercial Director – Aftermarket

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