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I receive phone calls from Auto Glass Technicians on a regular basis.  The conversation usually starts something like this, 

"I'm doing an installation later today.  I'm pretty sure this is the procedure, but I haven't done this one in a while and I want to be sure."

99% of the time, all I'm doing is offering re-assurance that they're correct.

DOWARG.COM | Auto Glass Adhesive Information on Mobile Optimized Site

If you're not a phone person or prefer to do the research on your own, Dow Automotive System's website is for you. DOWARG.COM 


You'll find access to:

  • Product Brochures
  • Minimum Drive Away Time Charts
  • Problem Solving Tutorials
  • Instructional videos & More

One Word of Caution!  This site is optimized for viewing on your phone or tablet.  If you go there from your home or office computer you'll be directed to the Dow Automotive Systems corporate site.  And I'll be honest- that site ain't real user friendly! 

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