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Essential Guide to Auto Glass Contamination Removal & Betabrade F1

Betabrade F1 by DupontMy friend Paul recently reached out to me asking if Betabrade F1 was discontinued.  He was curious since his distributor operations manager had no idea what the product was, why it was used, and didn't have any stock.

Uggh- it has to be 10+ years since it was introduced.  It is still the most effective contamination removal system in the Auto Glass Industry and should be on the shelves of every DuPont auto glass adhesive distributor in the country.

Various Methods for Auto Glass Contamination Removal 

For those of you new to the auto glass business or still living in the dark ages, Auto Glass Contamination is a concern because standard glass cleaning and priming are ineffective unless contamination is removed.

We're not talking dust or finger prints.  We're talking nasty contaminants like silicone used in the manufacturing process.

If these contaminants aren't removed, the windshield can release and your clients safety is in jeopardy.

First generation auto glass contamination removal systems like the wet-scrub method and melamine sponges are often effective. A recent study conducted by Dupont Transportation and Industrial (Formerly Dow), showed the majority of contamination found in the ARG industry is removed using these old-school methods.

Interested in learning more about this Auto Glass Contamination Removal study? Let's Talk

However, wet-scrub and melamine sponges are not effective on windshields severely contaminated with silicone. The DuPont study showed these methods needed to be repeated in order to properly remove the silicone.

Only one system did the job the first time, every time: Betabrade F1.

Should I Treat Every Windshield for Contamination?

For many years, adhesive system manufacturers suggested using foaming glass cleaner to identify contamination.  The technician was asked to spray the GC-800 or other cleaner on the outer edge of the glass.  If the product appeared to "fish-eye" or "wax" the windshield was contaminated and the tech was encouraged to wet-scrub.

Unfortunately, this method is not 100% effective in identifying contamination.  Not all contamination presents itself by "fish-eyeing".  Not all contamination is visible.

Until there is a fool-proof method for identifying glass contamination, safety focused auto glass technicians should treat every windshield as if it is contaminated. 

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Betabrade F1 by DuPont

  1. Betabrade F1 should be used on glass/glass frit only.  Click here for an easy to read bulletin that shows the exact pre-treatment process. 
  2. The standard 500ml bottle will do 100+ windshield installations.
  3. Betabrade F1 contains no reactive chemistry so it won't expire.  
  4. Less is More.  Don't over do the application.  Take a look at this video to see how little I apply to the windshield.
  5. Don't forget to use the "needle tip" applicator nozzle.  Sometimes the distributor forgets to send them out with your purchase.  They need to grab them out of the bottom of the case.

How to Buy Betabrade F1 from your Distributor

Each of the big three distributors stock and sell Betabrade F1.  However, like my friend Paul, you might find a local branch that is not carrying it. 

If you're a distributor and you're reading this, take a second to check your inventory.  This is a product you should have on the shelves.  You can bring in less than case quantities and it doesn't expire.  A no-brainer folks!

For retail auto glass companies:

If you buy from Mygrant: 

They suggest you simply type in the word "Dow" when searching their online inventory.  All Dow products will appear. 

Click on "Betabrade" then the drop down regional if you don't see it in stock. This will provide you a list of locations they are able to pull stock from.

If you buy from Pilkington: 

My Pilkington contact says a simple entry of "Betabrade" will be sufficient to find it.  

If you buy from PGW:

Once you are on the sundry tab type "BETABRADEF1"  

If all else fails forward an email to your distributor operations or sales contact and copy me.  We will hook you up.

Free Demonstration from Jeff Martineau

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