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GlassBiller is a point of sale software specifically designed for auto shop owners, by auto shop owners.  Nathan Kallen, GlassBiller Director of Marketing and Sales, reached out for the opportunity to guest blog to Auto Glass business owners and technicians that come to Auto Glass Insider for the latest tips for success.  

I'm happy to branch out from Auto Glass Urethane, Tools, and moldings to offer Nathan an opportunity to guest blog about point of sale software.  Be sure to check out GlassBiller's free 30 day trial.  

About Nathan Kallen:

Nathan's an Arizona State University alumni with a bachelors in Marketing.  He's currently the Director of Marketing and Sales at GlassBiller, CEO at Kallen Media, and Web Developer at Far Superior.  He has experience working with digital marketing and WordPress web development.  Most recently he helped companies build their digital presence while optimizing their websites for the most traffic.  


Software for the Modern Auto Glass Shop




Operating an auto glass company requires the ability to manage both clients and information in order to be successful.  Keeping track of all your data and client information can be a real challenge if you do not have a proper system in place.  This is where a point of service software, or POS, comes into play. The POS system is designed specifically to help companies manage their data all in one place, this is where GlassBiller steps in.


GlassBiller is a point of sale software specifically designed for auto shop owners, by auto shop owners.  The company has been around for over 7 years building their reputation on customer service and system updates.  Most custom point of sale software is made by finance companies, or from outdated models. At GlassBiller, there are weekly Tech Tuesday emails and blog posts to keep users are updated on all the newest features.


Auto shop owners are able to create their own accounts to have an administrator access over their technicians and sales people.  Client’s will only have to pay for GlassBiller on a per user basis. Additional users are only necessary if auto glass shops are looking to have multiple users working within GlassBiller at the same time.  Technicians and sales people will be able to download their own independent applications called Tech Side Mobile and Sale Side Mobile. Both of these applications integrate with GlassBiller allowing for your whole team to view documents and be on the same page.

Techside Mobile Auto Glass ServiceSaleside Mobile Auto Glass Service


So what makes GlassBiller unique, and stand apart from the competition? 


The largest draw would be the integration of the National Auto Glass Specification or NAGS database.  This feature allows clients to search for a vehicle’s VIN, or search a vehicle through its year, make and model.  Once you have searched within GlassBiller, all the parts for that specific vehicle will be brought up with standard pricing.  If you want to get more specific, there is the option to look at the OEM number to verify technicians are using the proper glass on the proper vehicles.

GlassBiller VIN look-up

Auto glass shops need to keep track of their technicians if they want to be most effective with their time.  Creating custom routes and looking up addresses can be difficult, that’s where the scheduling tool for GlassBiller comes into play.  The scheduler allows users to assign jobs to their technicians, and then map out the results. Once you are ready to look at your routes, you can open up the map feature.  This displays all your technicians with their routes numbered like the picture below:

Glassbiller Auto Glass Shop Software

If you need to change a technician’s route, that is no problem at all.  You can easily re-assign technician to jobs in order to create the most efficient route possible.


As an auto glass shop owner, insurance jobs are a vital part of the business.  For many smaller auto glass shops, the task of setting up and linking with insurance can be daunting.  The team at GlassBiller will assist shops in integrating with insurance companies. This will allow for shops to start accepting insurance jobs, in addition to any cash jobs that they may already be doing.


If you are interested in learning more about GlassBiller you can go to their website here.  Feel free to submit a contact form and mention Auto Glass Insider during your free demonstration and your first month free.  In the case that GlassBiller is not for you, there are no contracts or cancellation fees. So what’s holding you back? Check out the world’s most innovative auto glass shop point of sale software!

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