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How Clarity Sales Associates Helps Auto Glass Companies Grow

State mandated Continuing Education Courses for Insurance Agents remain a great way to grab Agents attention and build a relationship.

Plymouth Glass & Mirror struggled initially to deepen their relationship with the insurance agent community. Ultimately, they found a Continuing Education (CE) platform that was easy, effective, and enjoyable from day one.

Below, we explore in detail the struggle of Plymouth Glass & Mirror. We learn how they overcame these problems in partnership with Dow Automotive Systems and Clarity Sales Associates and the impact it had on their business.


The Struggle To Compete With Large Competitors

Plymouth Glass & Mirror is one of the largest family owned and operated glass companies in New England with over thirty employees.

In a highly competitive glass industry, Plymouth struggled early on in their journey to compete with the large market players. The big auto glass providers were offering Continuing Education (CE) programs to the insurance agents seeking legally required learning credits.

These agents were a source of referrals Plymouth could benefit from. Instead of just knocking on doors, making phone calls and sending emails to insurance agents, they realized they could bring the agents to them by offering CE.

They no longer would have to deal with the closed-off agents who were constantly bombarded with the same message from numerous auto glass shops. Instead, they could provide a valuable benefit to the agents and their industry partners with the hope it would build a relationship and if successful generate referrals for their auto glass business.


The Challenge Of Getting Continued Education Right

When they first tested this new approach, they partnered with a restoration company but quickly found it to be an expensive endeavor. Plymouth was responsible for paying for the event's instructor, location, and food.

They also had to share the spotlight and compromise on how the course was run. The events were not ideal and less effective in creating the relationship they sought.

To make matters worse, the feedback for the course illuminated how boring, off topic and difficult it was for the agents to learn the material. They wanted something enjoyable, interactive and someone who cared about them and the curriculum. Plymouth hit a crossroads and needed a new way to make this work well.

It was around this time when Plymouth Glass & Mirror was also exploring other auto glass adhesive options. While the product they'd been using worked, it was expensive.


Effective Lead Generation From Dow Automotive’s Continued Education Platform

Plymouth reached out to Dow Automotive Systems, and they immediately connected Plymouth with Clarity Sales Associates, the territory manager for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Jeff Martineau, the owner of Clarity, met with the team and learned about their needs ultimately recommending a robust Auto Glass Adhesive system that also saved them money.

“If I’m going to spend sixty thousand dollars per year, I need to be comfortable with whom I’m working. I’m comfortable spending it with Jeff.” VP of Operations, Nikki Maloid.

In addition to providing a high-quality product at an affordable price, Jeff also offered his Betaseal client a complimentary Continued Education (CE) platform.

Plymouth now had an alternative resource they could partner with for the insurance agent's CE. At no additional cost, it was a no-brainer to at least test it out.

The team at Plymouth immediately came to a liking of Jeff in their initial interactions. He was honest, upfront and direct in his dealings. He was also willing to go the extra mile to ensure the client relationship was healthy.

"Working with Jeff was easy and great since day one," VP of Operations, Nikki Maloid.

Plymouth decided to switch to Dow's adhesives, and they also recruited Clarity Sales Associates' business growth services. From the beginning, the CE course experience was great. Both Plymouth and the attendees were very pleased, having nothing but great things to say about the class.

When Clarity leads the course, they bring everything including props, handouts, and an interactive experience. Throughout the course, agents interact with hardened Urethane and samples of how the Urethane feels at the different stages of the process. The agents love it when he breaks tempered glass as part of his involved presentation.

“Informative. We learned how important the proper installation of a windshield is to safety. Great job! Kept everyone’s attention with humor, knowledge, & demonstration.” - Class Participant

While having fun is important, staying true to the curriculum is both vital and legally mandated, so Jeff ensures they follow the state and federal mandates for these CE classes.  

Beyond the course, the process for recording and issuing credit is also a breeze with Dow providing a streamlined process saving Plymouth time and money following up on the class.

The course is so well done, the content he shares spreads around like wildfire. In an industry full of critics and people with high standards, it's no easy tasks to exceed their expectations.

For Plymouth, the Betaseal Adhesive System and these courses run by Jeff and his team save their operational time and prevent headaches for Vice President Nikki Maloid and her team.

When something goes wrong or needs addressing, Jeff's available to quickly and thoroughly handle the issues. He understands you can't grow a business if you put in more work than the fruit it produces.


Empowering Businesses To Grow By Removing The Burden

Clarity makes it easy for Plymouth to focus on their business and make a profit. While It can be difficult to get insurance agents to give any auto glass shop a try, Plymouth has found taking this CE course increases their willingness to test them out with their clients and new customers.

The entire package helps Plymouth build and grow trust with the insurance agents, resulting in more leads for their glass business.

Plymouth's entire experience has been pleasurable and seamless. Jeff cares deeply about helping a growing company and currently helps Plymouth host three to four continued education events per year.

With the support of Clarity, Plymouth has been able to grow their company over the years. In fact, sixty percent of their auto glass revenue is from the Insurance segment. In part, because of the continued education courses.


Rising Above The Competition

Plymouth Auto Glass & Mirror makes it easy for insurance agents to do their job and look like the hero. Once the agent's and their clients experience the professionalism, courtesy, respect and follow through Plymouth offers, the agents usually stay with them for life.

With an industry with such high expectations, Plymouth has found the continued education (CE) program provided by Dow Automotive Systems in partnership with Clarity Sales Associates elevates them above their competitors.

“The instructor was very professional and very knowledgeable- The class was very interesting which also kept the class focused. Great job! “I look forward to going to future classes.  
Please be sure to contact me.” - Class Participant

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