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Internet Marketing for Auto Glass Professionals: Four things you should be doing today


Last summer I sat down across from a Baby Boomer generation Auto Glass owner and expressed my amazement. I had just seen his Company name and advertisement in the top position on Google after typing in Auto Glass Brooklyn on my iphone. I was looking for his internet marketing guru-likely his twenty something son-but he told me he was the chief cook and bottle washer. I confessed that he didn't look like the "internet marketing type", and he stared me in the eyes and said, "you'd be amazed what you will learn when your business is on the line."

Sometimes, knowing where to start is the hardest part. Let's not over think this thing. Here's the simplest list of things you should be doing.

Step 1: Build a Quality Website

Alright, so you have had a site since 2004, but does it reflect the quality of your company? How does it compare to your top competition?

Step 2: Open a Google Adwords Account

Video: Adwords Basics in 60 seconds

Open an account, learn the vocabulary and give it a try. You owe it to your business and my guess is you are going to be hooked.

Step 3: Customize your Internet presence with content valuable to your client

Ever consider your own email newsletter or Facebook page? The key is to offer content relevant to your audience. Your local readers may be interested in what's happening in your town and a friendly reminder when they should bring in their Screens for repair.

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Step 4: Measure and improve your performance with analytics and Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

This can be hardcore but add huge value to your business. There is a 43% chance a prospect will click through to your site if you are in the top position of Google Search.

Watch for more articles on Internet Marketing for Auto Glass Professionals. In the meantime, be sure to take advantage of the time and money you spend on Internet Marketing by training your Customer Service Representatives. Call me to hear more about Telephone Service Skills Training. Call now 860-573-4187
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