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My Apology to Auto Glass Business Owners


A distributor sales rep gave me the heads up regarding a mid-size Auto Glass Shop experiencing problems with a competitor's adhesive.  The nuisance leaks had grown to the point where the Owner was considering a product change at the four person shop.

When I reached out to learn more, I heard complaints about the market being slow but not much detail regarding the impact the adhesive system was having on their bottom line.  It was clear the competitor's adhesive was costing him money but the gist of the conversation was, " Jeff you're a nice guy but you're adhesive system doesn't fit my budget."  

Wait! So, is it leaks or is it cost? If it's leaks, why is it happening? If it's cost, is the consumer objecting to the price or is it you trying to squeeze a few more pennies in profit?

The truth is, I probably can't help at this point.  

Over this Glass Shops history the long line of folks that could help (including me) completely failed. 

How'd we get here?  A little greed?  A little ignorance?  Generally, short term thinking? 

In 20 years working with Auto Glass Distributors, Adhesive Manufacturer's, Tool manufacturer's etc. the driving force for some of these businesses has been to EXTRACT VALUE from the customer.  Get more. Take more.  

Give the customer what's easy,  sell them the products that we make more margin on, EXTRACT VALUE.  Do they ever ask, "what are you trying to accomplish?"  "What do we have that can solve your problem?"  "How do we add value?"

Frankly, I don't blame you for thinking that a cheaper adhesive system is the right thing for your business.  We've been telling you that for 20 years.  

I'm sorry for failing you.  

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