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PGW Auto Glass Rochester Hosts DuPont Auto Glass Adhesive Event


PGW & Dow Automotive Systems

Thursday, October 31st, 2019: PGW Auto Glass of Rochester New York will host Jeff Martineau of DuPont Transportation and Industrial.

Stop in anytime between 7:30am to 10:30am to talk with Jeff.  There will be samples and hands-on opportunities.

Important Auto Glass topics to be discussed:

  • ADAS recalibration and auto glass adhesive

Most auto glass adhesive manufacturers provide the user with a minimum drive away time(MDAT). This MDAT is based on a variety of factors including the adhesives ability to pass FMVSS 212. 

ADAS recalibration requirements are different.  Crash worthiness remains important, but when it comes to a technician's ability to successfully recalibrate the cameras behind the windshield the adhesive needs additional properties.

For example, the adhesive system can not allow the windshield and ADAS cameras to move in a range greater than a fully cured OEM installation. 

Aftermarket adhesive makers may not have the OEM expertise to understand these requirements.  It's likely that they don't have the equipment required to determine if the urethane is ready for recalibration.  

I lived in Rochester for several years- Adhesives are put to extremes. Hot and humid in the Summer and wicked cold in the winter.  

I'd like to see Technicians warm the adhesive.  The dashboard is ok- but not the most professional look.  The Pizza bags most distributors carry work great.  

If you haven't tried DuPont's best cold weather auto glass adhesive now's the time to grab some samples.

I know I'm a broken record when it comes to contamination removal.  But, I'm in enough glass shops that aren't doing anything special to clean their glass.  I'll continue to preach about the importance of "fanatical glass cleaning".  

Take your time and use the best system on the market-Betabrade F1. Samples coming to Rochester. 

  • Book Auto Glass Technician Training Sessions

Business owners continue to tell me about how hard it is to find good technicians.  I've heard stories about investing time and money in a new Tech that leaves after 6 months.  

We've begun encouraging business owners to send new hires to DuPont's On-line Auto Glass Adhesive Training.  The On-line platform allows new Techs to learn everything they need to safely use the adhesive system.  It's quick and convenient. 

Eventually, we want to schedule an in-person session with the entire company.  While your DuPont Adhesive Training Certificate never expires, we continue to suggest updating it every two years.

  • Auto Glass Safety Council Networking/Membership

The Auto Glass Safety Council remains the steward of safe windshield installation in our industry.  If you're a professional auto glass company you should consider membership.  

Until then, we can keep you updated regarding your obligations as an auto glass pro.  We will give the latest about record keeping, customer interactions, and more. 

PGW Auto Glass : Dupont Adhesive  Table Top Q & A



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