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I receive phone calls from Auto Glass Technicians on a regular basis.  The conversation usually starts something like this, 

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How to Apply Betaprime Clear Auto Glass Primer | Dow ARG


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Why Auto Glass Setting Is More About Brains Than Brawn

Dan Boehmer is a big man. He's got to be 6 foot 4 or taller. Even the size of his mits make you a little nervous when you reach out to shake his hand.  

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Having Trouble Opening Betaprime 5504G? | Simple Method Here


The Auto Glass Insider recommends this simple method for opening your Dow Automotive Systems Betaprime 5504G.  Universal auto glass primer also known as "All In One Primer" allows Auto Glass Technicians to ensure safe auto glass installation. Want more information on this Dow primer?

Auto Glass Installation Demonstration

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Stop Auto Glass Moldings From Flying Away


Returning to glue down fly away moldings kills profitability.  Over the years, the best Auto Glass technicians have shared with the Auto Glass Insider the following Auto Glass Installation tips:

How to secure Auto Glass Moldings

1) Molding Preparation:

  • Clean molding if surface appears shinny with release agent or other contaminant
  • Pre-secure molding with skim of U418 (security bead)

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Clean Auto Glass Properly for Safe Installs


Glass preparation is the most important component of safe windshield installation. In some cases, traditional methods like the "wet-scrub" are not effective in removing auto glass contamination from auto glass.

The Auto Glass Insider loves this video from Dow Automotive Systems showing Betabrade F1 clean auto glass contamination.  Without clean glass, even the best auto glass adhesive may fail.

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Auto Glass Contamination Killer

To perform a safe windshield installation when Auto Glass Contamination is present it must be removed. Years ago, Dow Automotive Systems pioneered the "wet scrub"technique to ensure a successful bond.
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Podcast Interview with Rick Nelson from Glass Bot- Automated Wire Cut-out Machine

I stumbled across my first Podcast a few years ago. To be honest, I had no idea what they were until one night I followed my curiosity into iTunes to see what it was all about.

The discovery was life changing. I found there were crazy people like me all over the world with a fascination for learning. The beauty is, there is a Podcast for everyone. Somewhere someone is hosting a podcast(AKA Interview, conversation) on Underwater Basket Weaving.


Podcast's are ideal for mobile Auto Glass Professionals.

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Interview with Rick Nelson from Glass Bot- Wire Auto Glass Tools

JEFF MARTINEAU: Welcome to the Grow Your Auto Glass Business Podcast. I'm Jeff Martineau bringing you today a new Tool and a discussion with what I'd call a sage in our business, Rick Nelson. So welcome, Rick.

RICK NELSON: Thank you, Jeff. Great to be here.

JEFF MARTINEAU: Well, there is a lot of industry buzz about your tool,

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2009 Ford F-250 Back Glass Pre-primed with Dow Primer

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