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Time Saving Tip for Busy Auto Glass Pros | CLIP KIT from Precision

In the auto glass market it's challenging to have all the parts needed on hand.  Every technician has had that "oh sh*t" moment when realizing that you don't have the right part.  

For mobile technicians, the problem is worse.  You may be miles from the nearest distributor and forced into a bad situation. 

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Anti-Idling Campaign Saves Connecticut Fleet $1,500 to $2,000 a Month

As a small business owner, saving money and running an efficient business are very important to you.
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Having Trouble Opening Betaprime 5504G? | Simple Method Here


The Auto Glass Insider recommends this simple method for opening your Dow Automotive Systems Betaprime 5504G.  Universal auto glass primer also known as "All In One Primer" allows Auto Glass Technicians to ensure safe auto glass installation. Want more information on this Dow primer?

Auto Glass Installation Demonstration

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Auto Glass Tip | Eliminate Betaprime 5504G Primer Waste


Auto Glass Installation Tip

Is your Dow Automotive Systems Primer hardening up in the bottle before you can use it? Dow's Betaprime 5504G has the fastest dry time on the market but you should be able to utilize every drop if you follow these rules.

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Cordless Caulking Gun Made for Auto Glass Professionals

Updated April 2014: The challenge to be the cheapest leads to unexpected outcomes. For example, cheap Chinese suppliers have supplied asbestos in the drywall and tempered glass that was never tempered. 

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Two Ways You Can Help Auto Glass Technicians Reduce Idling

UPS and FedEx have proven that turning your vehicle off when stopped is good for the environment and saves money. Many Auto Glass technicians are forced to idle their vehicle because of the products they use. If you are one, here are two ways you can reduce idling expense and start saving today!

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Three mistakes that will RUIN an Auto Glass Pro's day

In the Auto Glass business you have one chance to do it right or you suffer the consequence.

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