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Mygrant Glass Vendor Nights | June 20th & 21st

If you're like most Auto Glass business owners, you're too busy working IN your business to find time to work ON your business.  Yet, if you're looking for ways to stand out from the crowd you must find time.

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PGW Auto Glass Burlington hosts Dow Auto Glass Adhesive Event


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Top 3 National Distributors Assign Part #'s for Xpress30 | 30 Minute Urethane

I saw this post in the Facebook Auto Glass Tech Group.  An aggrevated Auto Glass Shop Owner posted, 

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Xpress30 Hits the Market | 30 Minute Auto Glass Adhesive

***Updated September 14, 2018***

On January 15th, Dow Automotive Systems releases Xpress30 fast cure auto glass urethane.  Dow's latest Auto Glass Adhesive allows Auto Glass Professionals to release vehicles in 30 minutes at temperatures as low as zero degrees F.

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4 Overlooked Ways to Improve Your Auto Glass Customer Experience

The auto glass business is at a disadvantage when it comes to making customers excited. When people need their windshield replaced they’ve just been the victim of an accident, bad weather, or vandalism.

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Winter Sucks & So Does Your Cold Weather Auto Glass Urethane

You've probably heard the old saying, "make hay while the sun shines", right?  Unfortunately, for Auto Glass Techs, we have to make hay while the sun hides, the snow comes down sideways, and jack frost nips at every exposed inch of skin.

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7 Ways Your Windshield Adhesive Supplier Can Help Your AGRR Business

Many of the challenges that AGRR Pros face are universal.  Steering, reimbursement rates, finding qualified technicians, technician training, are problems we see everywhere.

It is especially gratifying when you see professionals that have found an answer to these universal challenges.  In every case it is through a combination of ingenuity and hard work.

The following list shows help for common Auto Glass Installation challenges.  Look through the list.  If you are challenged by one or more we can help.

1. Get Paid to Use Fast Cure Windshield Adhesive-

Too many Auto Glass Installers use auto glass adhesive systems with insufficient minimum drive away time.  One excuse, is low reimbursement rates.  Dow's Up-Sell program provides installers tools to explain the importance of fast cure adhesive and helps them charge an appropriate fee.

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5 Traits that Separate Real Urethane Windshield Adhesive from Wannabes


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6 Reasons You Gotta Stop Using Auto Glass Adhesive Cartridges

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Aluminum 2015 Ford F-150 Auto Glass Bond by Betaseal Adhesive from Dow

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