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What's up with the name change from Dow to Dupont?

DuPont or DontWith brand loyalty that inspires supporters to ink the Dow diamond on their sleeve and represent with the mantra "Dow or Die", one questions the sanity of anyone considering a name change.


Nevertheless, the 2017 merger of two chemical giants, Dow and DuPont, and the subsequent split into three businesses forced the name change for our beloved auto glass adhesive manufacturer. 

For those interested in the history of the made-for-wall street deal, a December 2015 Fortune Magazine article explains what was going on behind the scenes:

  "Why Dow and Dupont Have to Merge" 

The article foreshadowed the ultimate plan to take the newly merged business and split it into three familiar-but-new business entities.

The August 2019 article, from the Motley Fool explains:

"After the DowDupont Split: An Investor's Guide to the 3 New Companies".


What it Means For Dow Automotive Systems Urethane Users?

matheus-ferrero-RBsrv4yV5KY-unsplashThere's no reason for OG Dow users  to fret.  The bottom line is nothing much has changed.  

Dupont Industrial and Transportation remains the world's largest and most experienced supplier of OEM glass bonding systems- with over 1 Billion automobiles bonded.

In the Aftermarket, DuPont Transportation and Industrial Urethane customers will continue to benefit from the:

  • Same Auto Glass Adhesive Formulas
  • Same Manufacturing Facilities
  • Same Management
  • Same Local Representation/Support

The biggest changes will be taken on by the DuPont marketing team.  It will take some time for people to get used to the new name and logo.  After 25 years, I'm having a hard time saying- Jeff Martineau from Dupont.   What's changed?

  • New Name/Logo- DuPont Transportation and Industrial
  • New Swag-  Point of Purchase literature, Posters, etc.
  • More use of traditional Betaseal name.  
    • We've always called our adhesive products, Betaseal and Betaprime.  We will be using Betaseal more. 
  • New Website-
  • A pipeline of new technology for high performance adhesives 

Friend and frequent Auto Glass Tech Talk contributor Joe Samimi has already moved on:  


is now


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