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Why the Auto Glass Safety Council is More Important Than You Think


During a recent visit to a Auto Glass Shop in Connecticut I was in a familiar conversation about the challenges in our industry.  The conversation went something like this:

" Im just one guy."

"No one listens to me.  I don't have a voice."

"Insurance Agents don't give a f*%k."

"Safelite Sucks."

I've had this conversation thousands of times.  But this time it was different.

Instead of nodding my head and agreeing that we're all screwed. I shared a slightly different perspective.

I'd recently attended Auto Glass Week.  A few of the seminars sucked but most were helpful.  The best presentations we're given by successful independent Auto Glass folks. 

Instead of "I'm screwed", "Safelite Sucks.", I heard about successful battles.  Some detailed how they used tools developed by the Auto Glass Safety Council.  

Smooth sailing with AGSC


Tools like:

Let's be clear.  The tools alone did nothing.  It was hard work and persistence that paid off in the end.  The tools just made their work more effective.

Back to my conversation in the glass shop.  I shared with my Connecticut friend that he's not alone, he has a voice, and there may be hope.  I'm pretty sure he wanted to punch me in the face.  


logo_agsc1.jpgField of Dreams Syndrome and the Common View of the AGSC

Less than 5% of registered Auto Glass companies are AGSC accredited.  It's clear, the majority of you look at the AGSC as a Bullsh*t group just out there to take your money. 

A quick search of the Auto Glass Tech Talk on Facebook shows most concern stems from the return on investment:

"  they want $500 per year every until you die . My Question is if i get it one year im considered good technician but year after if i dont pay im no longer good one .f*&!k that"

"I'm not dropping a few hundred dollars a year for some BS that doesn't do sh*t for my company or my self."

I understand.  None of these business owners got to where they are today by wasting money. 

But who came up with the idea that, if you sign-up the $$$ will just roll in?  When did the "Field of Dreams Syndrome" take over? 

"If you join it, they will come." 

It doesn't work that way.  They're just tools to be worked- by you.

AGSC Local Networking Event: Coming to You

FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm a volunteer for the Auto Glass Safety Council membership committee.

We want to change your view of the group and help improve your chances for success. 

Throughout this year the Auto Glass Safety Council and various vendors are partnering to bring you more information on the mission of the AGSC and how it is positively impacting Independents like you. Real members, real impact.  

We also want your feedback regarding how the AGSC can better serve you.

You may find us at a distributor open house, a table at the "will call" window, or at your local pub.  I will post the details here.

We'd love to see you.  Interested in getting on the invite list or learning more?

Let's Talk

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