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Winter Sucks & So Does Your Cold Weather Auto Glass Urethane


You've probably heard the old saying, "make hay while the sun shines", right?  Unfortunately, for Auto Glass Techs, we have to make hay while the sun hides, the snow comes down sideways, and jack frost nips at every exposed inch of skin.

Yes, cold weather auto glass installation ain't easy.  Consumers love the convenience of mobile auto glass installation and speedy service but rarely understand that plastic parts become brittle, moldings don't fit properly, and glass cleaner freezes. 

Many consumers are also ignorant to the fact that the safety of their Installation is dependent on the proper windshield adhesive.  Most consumers would be shocked to find out that many popular adhesives require 10 hours before they're safe.  Still more commonly used products are plastered with warning signs, "not recommended for use under 40F".

Yet the unsuspecting consumer is sent down the road in an unsafe vehicle with a warning to "keep your windows rolled down a crack and don't go to a car wash for 24 hours".  Sika_Titan_P2G_10_hour_SDAT-.jpg

If you're reading this article, you're likely the type that looks beyond the cheap price of your cold weather urethane and actually reads the fine print on the Tech data sheets- The fine print that often reveals something different than what you were told.  If so, the rest of this article may not be for you.  

If you're a busy Auto Glass Professional, that may have trusted someone's word about cold weather auto glass adhesive, I suggest you read on.

You may be shocked to find your go to cold weather auto glass urethane is cheap AND unsafe.

 "My Cold Weather Adhesive IS safe, I think!"

Fair enough. I've been in the business for twenty years and understand there are some shady folks out there.  Many would rather make a sale than show you the fine print.

I also know there's a few of you that choose not to look at the fine print. Well I'm here to help you find the truth.  


SIka P2G Auto Glass Urethane Not Recommended for Use Below 40F

(Links to more  Safe Drive Away Time Charts for

Dow Automotive Systems.)

If you're feeling pissed right now, I understand.  Maybe it's time for a new cold weather auto glass adhesive. If your not already using a legitimate one hour safe drive away time product like Betaseal One or Betaseal Express I suggest you take a look at U400HMNC.

U400HMNC:  Economy Priced Cold Weather Auto Glass Adhesive by Dow Automotive Systems

Unlike other cold weather urethane, you'll like what you read in the fine print: 

  • High Modulus- for torsional stiffness to quiet and stabilize the vehicle's ride

  • Nonconductive- preserves radio, cellular phone and global positioning system reception in OEM antenna-encapsulated windshields and backlites

  • Shorter minimum drive-away time- 2 hours in temperatures as low as 20F

  • Gun-N-Go -  easy application, no heating required

  • Value priced OEM adhesive


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