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The Danger of Pinchweld Corrosion | Safe Windshield Installation Tips


Safe Windshield Installation Depends on Removal of Pinchwled Corrosion

It takes me five seconds to get Auto Glass Professionals to passionately relate stories regarding pinchweld corrosion. Technicians dedicated to safe windshield installation understand that pinchweld corrosion must be removed in order to build a safe windshield installation.

To a professional following the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) Standard,removal is only the beginning. If you are left with structurally sound bare metal, you must properly treat the surface for maximum safety.

Dow Automotive Systems continues to lead our industry toward maximum safety by offering advanced solutions for dealing with corrosion. Compare Betaprime 5504G to our competitors solutions and you will see the difference. A serious bare metal primer solution for a serious problem. If you are want to learn more about how to fix pinchweld corrosion, click below.

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